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Louise Moore has over 27 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry working in all aspects of drug development. She provides consultancy advise on clinical, non-clinical, CMC, and regulatory aspects to biotechnology companies throughout the drug development process, from pre-clinical to product licensing.

Louise has extensive experience in US, European and Australian Regulatory Affairs accompanied by excellence in medical writing and clinical development.

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Louise Moore  BSc (Hons)
Co-Founder and Director
Regulatory and Medical Writing

Amelia Beshara has 18+ years working within clinical operations and business development of early phase clinical trials in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

Amelia supports early stage (small to medium) biotech companies across the globe in their early phase research and drug development pipelines with both clinical and business development expertise. Key areas of support range from product development strategies through to the actual management of early phase trials within the region.

Amelia returned to Australia from the US where she was a Senior Business Development Manager supporting international clients by guiding them through the Australian processes, including education on the advantages for conducting R and D within the ANZ Region.

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Amelia Beshara BSc
Co-Founder and Director

Clinical Operations & Business Development

Dr. Caroline Dobbin, a PhD in immunology and parasitology, has nearly 20 years experience in drug development and clinical trials, gaining 12+ years in the Australian and US biopharmaceutical sector and 7+ years in Principal Medical Writer and management roles within a clinical research organisation (CRO) environment.

Caroline has provided functional medical writing expertise for Sponsors across multiple therapeutic areas and study phases, including for the production of drug development plans, clinical gap analyses, protocols, investigator brochures and CSRs as well as manuscript development and publication support.

Caroline has strong experience in the periodic analysis of safety information crucial to the ongoing assessment of risk to trial subjects, and in the production of patient safety narratives and DSURs for investigational products. Her experience also includes preparation of regulatory submissions and interaction with US, EU and Australian regulatory authorities

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Tracey Brown has over 30 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry with a diverse background working within Biotech, CRO’s and as an independent consultancy, supporting a wide range of drug development programs globally. 


Tracey has particular expertise in designing the preclinical packages aimed to support clinical trials at all stages of development (including market approval), for a variety of drugs and biologics aimed to treat a wide range of indications. Tracey is an experienced writer of regulatory documents and provides safety risk assessments of data relative to the clinical indication. Tracey is a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology and well as a European Registered toxicologist and a member of the Society of Toxicology and British Toxicology Society. Tracey is also a reviewer for an Australian Human Research Ethics Committee.

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Hiram Chipperfield is a Principal Consultant with a focus on early-stage regulatory affairs product development.  He has over 10 years of experience including IVDs, NCEs, recombinant proteins, Live Biotherapeutic Products-LBPs, GMO therapies and cell-based medicines.

He has a scientific background with a PhD in Cell Biology followed by academic and commercial post-doctoral research. Prior to joining Beyond, Hiram held roles in a regulatory affairs consulting firm, a global diagnostics company and a regional CRO.

Hiram has managed projects including preclinical development, first-in-human clinical trial submissions, FDA and other agency interactions, product registrations, and through to post-market reimbursement applications. 

Caroline Dobbin BSc (Hons) PhD 
Principal Medical Writer and Drug Development Consultant
Tracey Brown BSc (Hons), MSc, DABT, ERT

Principal Toxicologist /

Drug Development Consultant

Hiram Chipperfield BSc PhD

Principal Regulatory and

Drug Development Consultant


Felicity Burton has over 25 years of clinical operational experience in the pharmaceutical industry including large pharma companies and clinical research organizations, across all phases of drug development and many therapeutic areas. She has had a particular focus on early phase clinical trials for the last 7 years leading first in human and first in patient studies with new drugs, drug-device delivery systems and devices.


Felicity has successfully led many projects in a wide variety of therapeutic areas and across all phases of clinical trials by providing effective and positive leadership, sharing a passion for new medicine, understanding the complex nature of research, and requirements of registration studies. Felicity has experience in Australia and New Zealand and has been involved in studies within the Asia-Pacific region as part of global projects.

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Rosie Pereira has over 15 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry working as a clinical project manager, clinical research associate and medical writer.

Rosie's extensive experience includes working in pre-clinical and clinical research in various companies such as CRO's and research companies, as well as an independent consultant. In addition, she has a strong background in academic medical research in immunology and infectious diseases, having worked in the US, Europe, and Australia.


Rosie has expertise in writing of clinical study protocols, clinical study reports, DSURs, and study manuals. Rosie's experience spans an extensive range of therapeutic areas.

With many years of experience in the management (including multi-site management) of primarily early phase clinical studies, Rosie supports clients from study start-up preparations to closeout.

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Engela Labuschagne has over 15 years of clinical operational experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  The opportunity to work across several key industry roles has provided Engela with a deep understanding of the complex nature of clinical research and the requirements involved to effectively manage trial processes to optimise results to benefit clients and study participants alike. 


Engela has a passion for Project Management, in particular early phase clinical trials, with over 5 years of Project Management experience spanning across various study phases and therapeutic areas.

Engela has expert local experience in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and has also successfully led global and regional multi-site projects.

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Engela Labuschagne
Project Manager
Felicity Burton B.Pharm
Clinical Operations Manager
Rosie Pereira BSc (Hons) PhD
Senior Clinical Research Associate / Senior Medical Writer
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William Tamar has over 10+ years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as a Clinical Research Associate and Clinical Pharmacist Manager. William has worked in various phases of drug development and many different therapeutic areas.


William has a strong focus on early phase development ranging from setting up clinical trial pharmacies, IP supply management over multiple sites and site management.


William’s experience in multi-site experience of clinical studies, William supports clients from study start-up to close-out of clinical studies including IP supply management.  


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Elise Pieterse has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry including clinical research organizations and large pharma companies, spanning across various study phases and therapeutic areas.


Elise's extensive experience includes working in clinical research in various companies such as CRO's and research companies across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. With many years of experience in multi-site management (including global site management) of clinical studies, Elise supports clients from study start-up, monitoring to close-out of clinical studies

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William Tamar B.Pharm, B.A.Sc
Snr Clinical Research Associate
Elise Pieterse
Snr Clinical Research Associate

Layne Baird has over 22 years combined experience in preclinical and clinical research. She has a PhD in Neuroscience and has held academic postdoctoral and research positions in neuroscience and cardiovascular research.

As an early phase Project Manager working for Australian based Clinical Research Organisations, Layne has managed multiple first in human studies with new drugs and drug-device delivery systems. With an attention to detail and problem-solving, she has also held Quality and Auditor roles, involving Australia, NZ and Thailand, and supported sites in FDA and OGTR Regulatory inspections. Layne has expertise in GMO study conduct from reviewing regulatory applications, developing and delivering GMO licence-specific training, overseeing monitoring and compliance, conducting GMO licence audits and managing trials.

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Layne Baird BSc (Hons) PhD
Project Manager / QA Lead

Susanna Mantovani has a PhD in Physiology, and a background in academic research, in the position of research group/team leader in the field of neuroscience. Susanna has a strong academic publication record, and has been cited over a thousand times. In 2018, Susanna moved to the clinical research organisation industry. After her initial experience in clinical operations, Susanna has since focused on drug development and medical writing (both lead medical writer and consultant) in the preparation of documents for regulatory applications including protocols, investigator’s brochures, clinical study reports and IND applications. Susanna has also served as a molecular biologist and acting secretary on an Institutional Biosafety Committee. Susanna has lived and worked/studied in three countries and speaks three languages. With her unique experience in clinical, preclinical, and focus on product development, Susanna brings to Beyond and her clients an invaluable perspective for both academic and commercial programs.

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Miranda Miller has over 9 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research sector, having worked as a clinical trial assistant, medical writing assistant and clinical trial site manager.

Miranda has experience in both Australia and the UK, and has been involved in both industry sponsored and investigator led research.  She has extensive experience in the conduct of outpatient research in the private clinical research setting, having coordinated many Phase III-IV studies across a variety of therapeutic areas. Miranda’s experience at both the sponsor and site level provides her with a unique overall perspective of the clinical trial process.  Miranda provides in-house project administration support for both the clinical and product development departments.


Ilse Stappaerts has over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her international experience includes working as a Clinical Research Associate ranging from start-up through to close out of both national and global multi-site studies. Ilse also has extensive experience as a GLP Auditor in Belgium as part of a globally renowned pharmaceutical company.


In addition, Ilse has been involved in the Regulatory aspect of clinical studies conducted across Europe.

Ilse has a strong focus on Quality Assurance/Quality Control and supports the administrative aspects of clinical trials for every stage of the process.

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Susanna Mantovani PhD Regulatory and Drug Development Consultant
Miranda Miller BAppSc, MSc
Project Administrator
Ilse Stappaerts (MND) 
Project Administrator
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