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Why Beyond?


Not only can we partner with you for the life of your product development, we have forged long-standing relationships with the key Early Phase research networks of Australia and New Zealand, Phase 1 Units and specialist laboratories that have been strategically positioned across the region to provide the most benefit possible to our international clientele.

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The Australian Advantage

Apart from taking the opportunity to come visit us in Brisbane and explore the beauty that is "The Land Down Under", there are four key advantages you can access when working with our team in conducting your Research and Development in Australia. 
The Australian Advantage

World Class Healthcare

Globally Accepted Data

for data generated in Australia and New Zealand for global regulatory submissions

Financial Advantages

43.5% Cash Rebate

for every dollar spent on R and D in Australia for eligible companies


Efficient Ethics Process

from submission to approval for majority of Phase 1 Healthy Volunteer and Early Phase Clinical Trials can see a ~ 5 week period.

CTN Scheme

Pragmatic Regulatory Pathway

No EU CTA or US IND required.

Simple notification form submitted to the TGA for most clinical trials and deferred scientific review to HRECs

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